MJ Blake & Venetia

  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to TPF and I just recently decided I REALLY want either the MJ Blake or Venetia, but I can't seem to find them anywhere! I live in NYC and all I see in the stores these days are the new MJ quilted bags (that I hate to admit, but am not a big fan of). The only Blake/Venetia bags I can find are either on eBay or retail sites like elleluxury and I'm afraid they will sell me a fake bag. Does anyone know where I can find either of these bags online or in the store?? :confused1: I'm not even sure if MJ still makes these styles..?? Any advice is welcome, thanks!
  2. Go to Marc Jacobs Store on Mercer Ave and ask for Gaby, they have these styles and she will take care of you like a princess!
  3. Have you tried the Marc Jacobs boutique? They should have the best selection of soft calf styles like the Blake and the Venetia and they have a store in NYC. If that is not convenient for you here is a great website that lists MJ authorized retailers: http://www.squidoo.com/handbagsandpurses/
  4. I completely forgot about checking out the boutiques! I just assumed they would only have the new quilted bags as well. Thanks for the advice guys!
  5. Have you tried Scoop? I know that they tend to carry a lot of Marc Jacobs bags.
  6. I just received my black venetia with gold hardware from the Nordstroms Anniversary sale about a month ago-call one of the stores,mine was charge send and 685.00 and I love it!!!!!!:heart:
  7. LABAG, did you buy it online or go to the store? I tried calling one but not all stores carry the MJ collection (some only carry MbMJ). I would LOVE to buy a venetia on sale!!
  8. I actually called a store and they checked in their computer and found one in Pheonix I think.
    It was regular 1025.00 and 33% sale.Maybe try the Nordstroms Racks stores, any color in particular?-Good Luck!!!!