MJ Blake/Venetia & LV Manhattan PM/GM

  1. Do you like Marc Jacobs' own leather collection Blake/Venetia or the ones Marc Jacobs did for LV (Manhattan PM/GM)? Logo vs No Logos? Leather vs Canvas?

    Venetia & Marc Jacobs for LV (Manhattan GM)
    Blake & Marc Jacobs for LV (Manhattan PM)

    LV pictures from eluxury.com
    Venetia/Blake from Saks.com
  2. I already own a mono Speedy and that could satisfy my LV craving for now :biggrin: I don't like the Venetia and the Manhattan GM because of the belt across the bag. I tested the GM today and it's a fr**kin hassle. They're beautiful bags but it takes a little getting used to. So, I'd rather get the PM or the Blake. My decision...I'm getting the quilted Blake :biggrin:
  3. Same here, really dislike the belt :Push: ...especially if you're busy or in a hurry! Otherwise they'd be great, love their shapes/style.
  4. Would love the venetia, would not have the GM. Seen the PM - liked it very much. Also liked the blake.

    If it came down to it, would pick the venetia over the others - I love that bag.
  5. I really like the style of the Venetia/Manhattan GM better than the other. In fact I had bought a Venetia which I used for a while ( actually I didn't find the belt a problem, I always kept it open) but I sold it 'cause I did'nt like the color anymore; and as I really liked that style, I bought the Manhattan which I:love: it's a bit too heavy, but so was the Venetia..:biggrin:
  6. Not sure why, but I like the LVs more and I'm not even a fan of the regular mono canvas.
  7. MJ... no logos!
  8. Another vote for MJ
  9. Love the MJs
  10. Big MJ fan here- not such a big fan of logos! I have a Blake in Black that I absolutely love! Its probably my most favorite bag ever!!! So durable, practical and looks amazing with everything I own (both professional and casual looks).
  11. MJ from his own line! I have 4 bags in regular leather, and LOVE them!
  12. Love the MJ Venetia in the non quilted. I think it would make a great all weather( more snow/rain season) bag.. Nice for places that you dont want to carry LV on you and very roomy.

    I do like the looks of the Manhattan(pm) stylish :smile:

  13. I have the venetia and the strap it no prob. just keep it open..
  14. Ditto ... I always keep mine open. I have the Manhattan GM and the non-quilted Venetia in petal pink. They are heavy but I love them :love: .
  15. I LOVE the Blake. I have it in black and use it quite often. I like the look of the Venetia but the strap would be a pain to me. I'm kind of sick of the mono.