MJ Blake still a good purchase?

  1. Hi,

    I havent bought an MJ bag for many years now - probably about 3, since i was first in love with the Sophia! However i found a Blake bag on sale in Australia ... Its tan with gold hardware, and I had to have it. however now i am having second thoughts ...

    Is this style still 'current'? because i havent kept up with MJ stuff, not sure if its too dated now as this style seems to reference his old bags ... which i suppose is the reason i like ... anyway, just wondering what you MJ experts think ...


  2. Geez!!!! That baby is a classic!! I have 2..a red and a black..I say go for it..I guarantee you won't be disappointed..I ALWAYS get compliments on blake..It is a very recognizable MJ bag and is so classic! LOVE the color combo you have your heart set on....Have you seen the blake in bordeaux?!?!? That's sweet too......good luck w/ your decission..I'm sure more blake lovers will be along to talk you into it lol!!! Post pics is you get her!!!
  3. Blake is definitely current! If you found a bag you really like, then wear it proudly!
  4. I wish I lived where you live! Over here people can't discern MJ bags from Walmart bags :lol:
  5. Thanks for getting back to me ... i already purchased the tan, and have definitely decided to keep it now ... I suppose the reason i asked, was because in Australia they can have really old stock which is still very expensive compared to the states, so i just wanted to make sure it wasnt some bag that had been sitting in store for 3 years! You're right though, its a classic!

    Thanks again,

  6. yeah, definitely a good purchase! i would like to have one too in the future !
  7. Definitely, Can't go wrong with a blake...I have 3! Your tan blake sounds lovely...please post pics when you get it! Enjoy!
  8. Definitely! It's a classic!
  9. Great deal! That bag will always be a classic, and hardly ever go on sale. Congrats!
  10. ooooh post pics, i bet it's lovely! Congrats!
  11. I love the Blake! I think it's ok to own more than one; so versatile!
  12. Hi there! I'm from Australia as well and I was just wondering which shop you found it in. Did they have a good selection of MJ bags? Cheers. :smile:
  13. Congratulations on your new bag! I think it's a fabulous bag. I would be saving for one myself if it wasn't so heavy.
  14. That sounds like a beautiful color! Congrats! I'm totally lemming for a Blake and I can't wait to get my hands on one!
  15. Thanks everyone - will post pics when i get a chance, though my camera is being weird so might not be able to for a few days ... its actually in the 'whiskey' colour which i think is one of the older colours, but i love it. sort of gives it a seventies vibe which i like as have also had my eye on the Mulberry Annie ...
    thanks again for all the positive feedback! :smile:

    PS: i got it for $1,000 AU, sorry cant remember who asked ...? which isnt that cheap really as i know they retail for 995 USD, and they seem to be on sale everywhere. but over here bags are twice the price in store as they are there ... and customs havent been kind to me lately with my International purchases, so it seemed like a deal ... and convenient