Mj Blake On Sale Elux!!!

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  1. I couldn't believe my eyes, but there is a ferrari red blake on sale in Elux now. Not a huge discount, but still a couple of hundred off at USD 713....

    I clicked it into my cart. I know I keep on doing this (sorry!) I also realised I can't buy cause I'm international and just remembered elux doesn't ship international and won't accept international cards either, so i can't do what I did for NM, where I had it shipped to a friend in the US for forwarding to me. So please someone from PF get it so that I can live vicariously through you!

    (OMG I looked at it again, at looked at the "alternative views", I really want it... I should stop checking out Elux cause it's just making me feel bad!)

  2. Too funny minicoop,I've done same thing the only difference is they'll take my cc.
    I get the feeling you are really liking these MJ bags:biggrin: .
    If I'd known you liked ferrari red I'd have offered you a brand new large multi pocket I have for $800.00 ;) .
  3. Cat, you will be my undoing one of these days...
  4. :lol: OK I'll try an behave !
  5. is elux the same as eluxury.com? the only blake i can find there is yellow...
  6. Yes, elux is short for eluxury.com
  7. what a good deal.
  8. Er um... guess I'd better fess up and admit I ordered it, but I hadn't seen your post beforehand. I usually check Elux and Bluefly around 6am-ish each morning, so I must've snagged it soon after you released it from your cart. Thanks! :biggrin:

    (And this is my fifth bag purchase in the month of March - I'd sworn to stop after three, so now I really have to quit buying bags for the next few months. :wacko: The little Chanel tote currently in my avatar was one of March's purchases from Bluefly, btw. :smile: It's cute, but I'm a little unsure of what I think about the big, honking logo.)
  9. Luvboogie, please post pics when you get your red Blake! I love the Blake. I have one in black and one in denim. I'd love to see it in red!
  10. Sure thing, Kat! I enjoyed your pics of the denim Blake. :love:
  11. Luvboogie, I am so happy that you got it! I will look forward to the pics!!

    And about the Chanel bag, the logo may be big, but it's the same colour so it's not screaming or anything. Pretty discreet bag still, if you ask me.