MJ Blake in green

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  1. What a gorgeous color!!!! If this bag had goldtone hardware I know Psueb would love it!
  2. That is gorgeous!
  3. :love: :love: :love: Is it for sale anywhere? I LOVE that color.
  4. So true, so true! If that bag had gold hardware it would be on it's way to me now! :biggrin: I love green bags!!!
  5. Gorgeous colof!
  6. NM also has the large patent quilter bowler in green. I think it has gold hardware
  7. Ooooh, just in time for Paddy's Day! LOL! Cute bag!
  8. MJ also has the Mia in Apple Green with gold hardware online at Nordstroms. (Sorry, I lost my mouse!! and have no idea how to cut and paste with just a keyboard.)
  9. Yes, it is for sale. I think the price was $950. I can't remember which website I got it from. I thought it was bloomingdales but when I checked it wasn't there. I'll try to track it down for you.;)
  10. I think Net-A-Porter has it. I think that's where I saw it when I was hunting for current Blake colors.
  11. Yes, it was on NAP. Thanks!;)
  12. Wow! I love that color.
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