MJ Blake - How Do You Wear It

  1. How do you guys usually wear your Blake? Over the shoulder or as an arm bag (in the crook of your elbow)?
  2. Over the shoulder for me, even on days when I wear a jacket or coat. I have the Blake in washed rose.:yes:
  3. When I owned a Blake I wore it over the shoulder also. My Venetia is my crook-of-the-arm bag.
  4. i wear it over the shoulder.
  5. I wear it both ways (if I stuff it too much, then it's uncomfortable width-wise to wear on my shoulder).
  6. Over the arm or in hand.
  7. Both ways.
  8. I carry it most of the time as a satchel.
  9. Both....I do have a tendency to wear it in the crook of my arm though.
  10. ^ Yeah me too!!! I put it on my shoulder for 'hands free' but it always ends up in the crook of my arm...I love this bag..It's so girly-girl!!:p
  11. I am obsessing about getting a black Blake with the gold hardware now!!! It seems like the bag would work perfectly either on the shoulder on on the crook of your arm. Thanks for responding guys!
  12. Good for you!
    I have one in Brick Red and it's gorgeous!
    I wear it both ways just like everyone else.
    I love how we have that option!
  13. Rachel620, I have a black Blake w/gold hardware (you can see pix of it on one of the threads I posted a few weeks back) and I LOVE IT!! I carry it as a satchel and you need to get it, it's gorgeous in person. I was just in New Orleans for a convention and I went shopping in the Saks on Canal Street and I was stopped four times so the SA's could check my bag out and "pet him"!!!!!!!
  14. I wear mine as a hat. Just kidding! It looks good any which way you decide to wear it. That, plus the organizational capabilities that Blake has, make it a terriffic bag!