MJ Blake - heavy??

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Feb 6, 2006
For those who have the Blake or who has tried one on, is it heavy? I'm thinking of getting a quilted one but have not seen or held one in person (precious limited stock here in Australia).

Anyway, is it as heavy as say a regular Chloe Paddington or a Mulberry Roxanne?
I'm use to carrying heavy handbags to a point where people tease me about carrying a dead body in my handbag! I have an older model Blake, it has suede lining and the hardware is very durable, which all adds up to being heavier than the average bag. I had bought the patent leather Blake, if I can recall it was alittle heavy too, I ended up returning it, too small for ME. If you're use to the Balenciaga bags then this bag is about 3x heavy, I think it's because of the hardware, I can't recall if it had suede lining but I'm assuming so because most of MJacobs bags do. The leopard one is the last season Blake. You know, I just realized most of MJacobs bags are heavy!


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IMO, if you load it down (like I do), then it's heavy. To me, the hardware and thick leather makes the bag heavy enough and with so many pockets and compartments, I always felt obligated to fill it up. Not recommended at all. Travel light and you should be just fine with a Blake.
I sold my Blake because it was too heavy. But hey, maybe I just needed to work out more.

But it is an all calfskin leather, suede, and thick hardware bag. It's not lightweight by any means.
print*model said:
Yes, the Blake can be carried on the shoulder but it's not comfortable at all IMO.

Thanks everyone for your help. I'm getting an idea now of the relative weight. I do have a long MJ quilted cluth wallet and I found that heavier than my usual wallets due to the hardware and thick leather. That's why I was a little concerned about the Blake but good to know it's at least lighter than a Paddy:P .

Regarding carrying the Blake on the shoulder, how come it's not comfortable? Is it coz the straps are hard and dig down due to the weight or coz it's not really long enough to sit comfortably on the shoulders?
My Blake sits well on my shoulder and I think it's comfortable. I'm not a skinny chick, so I don't have tiny shoulders. It's a great bag IMO. If you can try one on, even if it's not the quilted one that you want, that might be the best way to go.
I love my Blake and I wear it over the shoulder with no problem. It is one of my most favorite bags, and it is a great everyday bag. I have never found it uncomfortable so I can't answer that question. As for weight, it only gets heavy if you load it down with too much- of course, that holds true with most bags. Good luck and let us know what you decide:nuts: