MJ Blake, Bordeuax or Tan (Wheat?)

  1. I'm ready to take the plunge and make my first MJ bag purchase. Bloomingdale's has promised to hold the Bordeuax for me when they receive it, but I'm still torn between the Black and the tan colored one which I presume must be Wheat?

    Q: I love the gold buckles - the black and tan/wheat comes with gold buckles, does the bordeuax?

    Q: Does anyone have pictures of all three side by side? Or, at least the Bordeaux Blake?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. All current MJ bags come with gold hardware. For more info on the Fall 2007 line please check out this thread:

    [​IMG] F/W 2007 colors!!!

    Here are existing threads where members have posted pics of their Bordeaux Blakes:

    [​IMG] My new Fall 07 Bordeaux Blake
    [​IMG] The wait is over - my bordeaux Blake is finally here!
  3. The new "tan" is called Peanut. ;)
  4. Thanks!!

    Wow, after looking at the Blake in Bordeaux, I'm definitely torn between that color or the classic Black.

    Do you think the Bordeaux will be versatile enough to be worn all-year long? Heck! If I get it, I'll use it year round anyways!

    Thanks for the links and info!
  5. I don't see why it's not versatile; it's not like it's a bright red.
  6. Bordeaux is a really beautiful color--and has more pizazz than either the tan or black. If you've already got black and tan in your handbag collection, then I vote for bordeaux. I think it can, and should, be worn year-round!
  7. Bordeaux, definitely. The color is so rich!
  8. God I love the blake in bordeaux...!!! Seriuosly..it's stunning!! I have the black w/ gold h/w..I just got it last month...If I didn't have a red one already (my baby!!) I'd def get the bordeaux!!! What are you going to do?
  9. I love the bordeaux as well. Decide quickly because I bet bordeaux will sell out quickly. Black will always be around, you can decide to buy that color later.

    I have several bordeaux/burgundy bags, they work with any outfit just as well as a black bag would. I love this color!
  10. Love, love, love the bordeaux! It can be worn year round, and I bet that the color is gone in a flash. I vote bordeaux!
  11. Blake in Peanut - WOW!!!!!! It is a wonderful color. That is my 1st choice, and 2nd and 3rd, etc...

  12. my vote is bordeaux but thats because i already have one.... if you like a subtle red I suggest that one. Black is great too as its a classic.