MJ Blake $449, Venetia $499 Nordstrom Rack

  1. Just back from Chicago downtown Nordstrom Rack, spotted some nice MJ bags more than 50% off.
    Blake (Greenish Blue) with silver hardware $449
    Venetia in Pink with silver hardware $449 / $499 can't remember
    and some there MJ leather hobo in Ivory and Blue for $449
  2. OMG!! Those are amazing prices!!! The closest NR is like 6 hours away!!:sad: :sad:
  3. Thanks for the heads up! I'm going to try and hit that this weekend!
  4. Thank you for sharing!
  5. hk318 - thanks again for sharing. Also, did you buy any? :flowers: I love to live vicariously through others' shopping adventures!:P
  6. you are welcome luvpurses24
    Unfortunately I didnt buy any, although I really love the Blake and it's a amazing deal...
    I just ordered a Mouse Stam Hobo from bloomies and i feel gulity to spend more....
  7. Thank you for sharing. Congrats on your Stam Hobo. =)
  8. OMG, isn't harlem_cutie looking for blake in that color? I meant to go over there today but no time. I'm also broke so I don't need the temptation of seeing sale bags IRL. But there's always tomorrow....
  9. I'm so jealous!! I wish I lived in US! :hysteric:
  10. Awesome! Which location is that? Sorry, I'm a suburbanite, not too familiar with downtown...:shrugs: I'm looking for the Karolina bag! Do you remember seeing any of those?? Thanks!
  11. do they ship? this will be a nice pick-me-up from the bloomies fiasco.

  12. Yes, I saw 2 Karolina Bag in Deep blue either 449 or 499.
    The one i went to is on State Street and Washington street.
  13. I just got back from the store. The blakes are Spearmint. The Karolina is the small Karolina in bright blue.
  14. ^^ I was JUST going to mention this too!!
    Get her Karolina!! I'ts gorgeous!! And you are both in the same city!!!