MJ Black Stella.. should I?

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  1. Okay.. so I recently got an offer to trade my dooney&bourke for a MJ Black Stella.
    She offer $200 for both my barely used dooney&bourke it tassel top & barrel.
    I got both of it as xmas gifts a few years back.. but I got a gucci that xmas also. So I just used the dooney like.. once & went with the gucci!

    What do you ladies think???
    Should I take the money and run.
    ORRRRR Go with Stella?
    I don't know if its the right bag for me.
    I think it won't look right on me.

    Buttttttt.. it's MJ! & Black leather is alwayssssss classic!
    ACK!! Any suggestions ladies?
    I'm meeting her tomorrow afternoon.
    How can you tell if its real or fake? (wheres the date code located?)
    thankssssssssssssssss in advance :heart:
  2. I love the Stella! And in black! That is classic. I think you should go for it! But why don't you think it will be for you? The size?

    Is there any way you can get pics posted to determine authenticity? I would get a good look at the nameplate, RIRI zipper heads, the pushlocks and the leather.
  3. I don't know.. seems very.. PLAIN.
    I'm a monogram whore.. So the black leather seems eh.
    I love the size though.. its huge!! I love big bags..
    But I'm still debating.. that if I took the money.. I could put a few more hundreds and get a good use LV on ebay or let-trade.
    I just need something to realllllllly convince me about Stella! Heh
  4. I guess it depends on what kind of bag you are looking for. I like the Stella b/c of the shape and the classic MJ style. And it is very big, but to me, it does not look huge on . But if you are really into the Mono look, it will probably always be plain to you, especially in black. Maybe you need to look for something in a bright color?

  5. I think that before you do anything, you should ask for pictures of the bag and post them here! :smile: $200 seems REALLY low for a Stella bag, as they retail at nearly $1000.

    If it ends up being authentic, I think it's a great choice. :yes: I think it's a classic bag but if you don't love it, then either keep your bags or take the money...but I don't know when a Stella for $200 will come your way again!;)
  6. Let me re-word my words.

    I'm selling my 2 dooneys; it white barrel $130 and it tassel top zip $125.
    She asked if I'm willing to trade 1 dooney for her MJ Stella; OR sell both my dooney to her for $200.
    I don't know it I can sell my both my dooney on ebay for more than $200?
    They were both used only once!
    But I think selling on ebay is a hassle.

    & I don't really care for my dooney's anyways.. so $200 for both sounds good.
    I need to check out buffalo exhange.. (they might offer me a little more?)

    But my debate was.. should I sell her both my dooneys for $200.
    or Trade 1 for her MJ Stella. Hmphhhhh!
    And also... if it's a fake... I'm out a real dooney!

    I might just take the money..
  7. Stella regularly retails for ~$1000USD. If this Stella is authentic, exchanging 1 Dooney (even both) for it is an unbelievable deal. Please keep in mind that there are many replicas of Stella out there.

    You mentioned liking logos more, I think selling your dooneys for $200 is a better choice. Don't have to risk getting you don't like & a replica.
  8. I agree with Helena. :yes:
  9. Yeah...I def. agree with BL and Dawn. If you're more into logos, then take the money and run. Plus, you don't want to risk getting a fake Stella.

    For me, personally, I would take the stella bc IMO its so much more classic than anything you could get for 200 bucks.

    Let us know what you decide! :flowers:
  10. Well.. i decided not to take the MJ Stella.
    She got angry and hung up on me!
    So I guess I won't see that $200.
    Hah People on craigslist is rudeeeeee.
    So you ladies think I should try and sell my dooneys on ebay?
  11. Wow! Can't believe that she hung up on you. That is not nice.

    If you don't want your Dooney's, I would sell them on ebay.