MJ Black Patent Quilted Wallet Clutch--in stock anywhere?

  1. I'm looking for the Marc Jacobs quilted wallet/clutch in black patent.

    I want it to wear with my graduation outfit to match some black and gold shoes.

    Where can I find one? Are they still in stock in stores?

    No one has any online that I can find ... I don't want a fake, either.

  2. your best bet is to call the MJ boutique and see if they have any left.

    chances are there aren't any left by now since it was only produced for a season and was very popular. i'm looking for it too! =(

    most of them on eBay are fake so be very careful if you're thinking about going that route.

    good luck!
  3. Oh you said patent. Sorry :/
  4. you were quicker! ;P

    she's referring to the patent leather from 2006 (S/S i believe)
  5. Right. I guess I'll set my sights on a different bag ...
  6. yeah, those may be difficult to find now. it might be a good idea to go with another bag or clutch.

    congrats on your impending graduation!