MJ Birgitte question

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  1. if anyone owns or has in depth knowledge of the MJ birgitte, i have a question: you know how the shape is like the lv speedy? does it have any support on the bottom or is it soft and lose its shape like speedy does? because i really dig speedy but it looks really nasty without the support - sorta like a cellulite-heavy woman wearing skin-tight sheath without any spanx underneath and you can see all sorts of lumps and bumps hanging down.

    anyone? anyone? thanks!!! :search:
  2. ^ ROFL.... great imagery there....
  3. sorry I don't know the answer....but thanks for the laugh!!
  4. I've never seen this bag IRL although it is on my wish list.

    Based on these pictures of Michelle Trachtenberg with it (taken from the Celebs thread), it looks like it has a hard base. Hers doesn't sag at all.



  5. most excellent! thank you!

    and... i'm always happy to give ya'll something to laugh over. ;)