MJ BIFOLD.. a keeper?

  1. under special items they have some nice wallets, i was thinking the platinum, in either the billfold or the hipster. its MJ and both are cheaper then a coach mini skinny, so i was thinking even though i havent given much thought to it maybe it would be a okay purchase? what do you think?
  2. pictures would help :yes:
  3. i tried to save it but i cant upload it in the correct format :sad:
  4. oh i know what you're talking about, i was looking at them awhile ago too :smile: weren't they around 30 dollars? i thought that was a reasonable price. but i wish they weren't metallic.
  5. so you think its not worth it cause of the metallic? should i just stick with a skinny then?
  6. do you like zip clutch?
  7. do i like the zip clutch- hell i LOVE IT! in that brick red or that teal or the green:love: :love: :love: !! but its not the right time to get one, especially if i go through with the little stam, first bag i would have bought in retail. and i also like to spread my purchases. but one day i plan to have one!! for now i need a smaller wallet.