MJ Bauble Pendant Watches. Opinions please

  1. Hi everyone. I'm debating between the heart one in white
    or the cherry pendant

    I think that they are really cute. Does anyone here own any of the bauble watches???? Are they purely for fashion or do you actually use it for telling time?? Thanks in advance for the input
  2. Not that my opinion is any better than yours, because you should get what YOU like, but I prefer the cherries too. I am an anti-heart, anti-teddybear, anti-extremely-girly-girl.
  3. I love the cherries! I have almost bought this same piece about a billion times!
  4. you know what...i loved the cherry until i saw it in person. it just looks big. i got the guitar instead.....so i vote the heart.
  5. These are so cute, I say the cherries, but the heart is sweet and girly...
  6. i adore the cherries one!

    i have the gold star from 2006 and i adore it, i get so many compliments on it!

  7. Aww, lucky you. I'll most likely get the white heart, cuz I can match it with more outfits. But do you actually use it as a timepiece???
  8. i like the heart also. i have the gold pear.. i'll use it to tell time if i have nothing else on me, but usually i rely on my phone as it is way more accurate!
  9. I have the steel star. I've worn it rarely as it seems to bang on things when I have it on (I guess I'm not very graceful when I walk).
  10. ooh, do you have pics of the guitar on you? i'm looking at it on elux, but i can't make up my mind about it.

    to the OP: i like the cherries better!
  11. ^sorry, no pic of me in the guitar :crybaby:

    and i was so close to getting the cherry, but it is so thick compared to the guitar. and the guitar sits pretty flat.
  12. my vote goes to the cherries.
  13. I like the heart-
  14. I have the green apple one...I don't wear it much but I think its so cute and always get so many compliments on it when I wear it...
    I've noticed lately that urban outfitters and delias have stared selling knockoffs bleech.
    I like the heat one :smile: