MJ Bargain at Saks!

  1. I'll post photos later, but I just had to share because I was soooooooo excited! I got a MJ Ursula hobo in moss (green) at the Saks sale today. It was $289 INCLUDING tax!!! The bag was originally $895. Whooo hoooo. :yahoo: I'm so excited and I really love this color! :yahoo:

    Just HAD to share!
  2. congrats....
    which Saks is this
    are they all gone?
  3. Lucky gal! I tried calling a couple stores today and they were all sold out of MJ. Post pics when you can, I'd love to see the bag!
  4. Wicked, congrats on your great find!
    I never come across such great deal!
  5. Here are the pics! Unfortunately this was the ONLY MJ item in the store--San Diego Saks. They had some Tanner Krolle bags, DG and an older Burberry green suede bag that was very pretty. And a few other random things... There was a BV BARGAIN that I posted in the "Deals & Steals" section.

    Thanks bag.lover! I'm just thrilled to have gotten a great bargain!
    DSCN1008.JPG DSCN1009.JPG
  6. dude that's a serious markdown. Wow. Saks in NYC had a Moss bowler also @ that price but as soon as I turned around it was gone.
  7. Hey there! What a STEAL!!!!!:wlae: You're so lucky!
  8. Congrats!
  9. wow that's such a great deal! they didn't have any MJ sale items at my saks :sad: you are so lucky! enjoy your new baby!
  10. Great price!! Congrats on your MJ beauty.
  11. Congrats on the new bag!
  12. That's great!! I love that shade of green. I wanted the bowler but didn't act fast enough. They were all gone.:sad:
  13. i did not act fast enough either.was so busy at work today and when i finally had time to call saks, everything was gone.
    oh well.....
  14. I just returned the moss green mj hobo at the saks at dadeland mall, miami, tonight, right before closing - if anyone is interested call in the a.m., the phone is 305-662-8655 ext. 355-My SA is out of town but some other SA are Carlos or Maite - the handbag is on the sale table, it will be there when the store opens, the price was I think either 268 or 288 plus tax and if you don't have a saks card, delivery - HURRY!
  15. Oh man, that color is GORGEOUS! And what a steal!