MJ Bal Harbour Satchel.. Are they still available??

  1. Do they make them anymore?
    Or are they totally sold out & not making them??

    My friend wants one~~ She wants this white one (she saw mine and fell in love, hehe)
  2. I love love love this style... I never caved in to buy it either, now I am regretting it as well. This was a Resort 2006 style and is no longer in production. They were marked down(and snatched up FAST) during the summer sales. There might be a store out there that still has it, but it will definitely be a chase... I think the MJ boutiques may still have them in stock. Tell your friend good luck! You're lucky to have bought one when you did.
  3. I just saw one with exact color at neiman last call in milpitas, ca. I have to agree it's super cute. If your friend wants it, she should give NMLC in milpitas a call see if they still have it.
  4. OMG thanks for ur replies~
    i will let her know to basically call / ask around

    thihi~ do u remember how much they were selling for when they were marked down??
  5. Hmm... I saw it on the Saks website for a little under $590 - I watched it like it a hawk to see if the bag would come back in stock but it never did. In stores I saw it for around $750 I think. Knowing NMLC, it will probably be around $750.