MJ bags in Canada (Holts)...question!

  1. For those of you who buy MJ from Holts in Canada, do all the MJ bags go on sale at one point?

    I LOVE the black Stam (never thought I would but fell in love after trying it on today) and would like to buy it by the end of this year. I think it's the normal sized $1595 CAD one with the regular quilting and chain.

    I've only bought LVs the entire year that I was into designer handbags and LVs never go on sale...so I was wondering if the MJs (even classics like this black Stam that I want) go on sale and if so around when? Or is it just totally random that a bag will be marked down?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. I don't think I've ever seen a Stam on sale at Holts yet. I do know that in USA they do go on sale for almost half off. Maybe you can wait and see if one goes on sale online or something at NM.

    I think its better to go to the US to purchase one the dollar is at par today ($1350 US).
  3. Hey Karman! You and I are on the same wavelength again! I just purchased my first MJ Last week.:nuts: I bought a Hobo stam and I am going to break her in this week. I also went to Saks/Neimans and tried on a few and saw all the beautiful colors. They are TDF!

    I don't the answer to your question, but I have seen quite a few in black on eBay. AuthenticLVlady had one recently.

    Congrats on wanting an MJ!:graucho:
  4. Karman: Did you feel the Stam is heavier than the MC Speedy 30?
  5. I don't know, I've never really paid attention to the MC Speedy.

    Hmmm going to the US to buy isn't an option, since...I rarely ever go to the US! Oh well! And online, it seems like they have a different Stam than the one that I want. All the Stams I've seen for $1350 US either have different quilting, different material, or same Stam but no chain. Guess I'll just have to suck it up and buy it at the Canadian price.
  6. Hi javaboo. Just wanted to chime in on the MC Speedy versus Stam weight. Hope you don't mind. The Speedy is certainly lighter than the Stam. The Stam's chain makes it weighteir. Hope that helps.;)
  7. Thanks Regeens. I have the MC Speedy and it was weighty when I put everything in the bag. If the Stam is heavier I'm not too sure I want to get one especially one with the suede lining in it with the old chain.
  8. I loved how the Stam looked when worn though. The chain is SO HOT hanging off the bag, even when I'm carrying it using the rolled handles! :tup: Now I am having a tough time deciding whether I want the Chanel or the Stam first....
  9. The black Stam is hot and like you know, my Holt's doesn't have it anymore. I love the quilted ones but they are being replaced by patchwork ones. I don't think I've ever seen them go on sale at Holt's either, that's why we get shafted in Canada - I heard about a Stam going for like $350 in the US! Not fair!
  10. Hey karman!! Well, I can't help with you any sales-related questions for stores in Canada, but I can tell you that I'm happy you've fallen for the Stam. :graucho: It's definitely a gorgeous, classic, smart bag and I think you will love it. Hope you get it soon! :yahoo:
  11. I wanted for for like a while now too and after seeing a girl at the club with it just reinforced it more.
  12. If you are looking for a deal, you could always order an MJ during the seasonal sales from BG or NM. I heard they ship to Canada.
  13. ^ Yeah but still they don't have the exact black Stam that I want. They have the patchwork one but not the quilted one :sad: I've searched Saks, NM, BG, Net a Porter, etc and NONE of those sites have the Stam I want!
  14. Maybe if you call the stores they will have it in or they can locate one for you.
  15. Karman -exhaust all your possilbities before buying the stam at full price at Holts. Go and ask them how many they have in the system (Marie at bloor is awesome). I bet Canada wide they have a few.
    Don't get me wrong I :heart: Holts but with the dollar where its at now you have many more options. If money is not an object, then go for it. But I think, you could contact some SAs in the US department stores and find it way cheaper.
    With the dollar at par, its a better deal.
    Also, Holts is due for a Friends and Family soon (25% off ).
    Are you a cardholder?