MJ bags at Off Saks in LI

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  1. I saw a bunch of MJ bags in an assortment of colors at the Off Saks in LI. I mean, I can't really identify the bag, I'll have to look at the reference lubrary, but it's not one that I've seen posted before. It's a big tote with a zipper on the top (like the Stella) and a small pushlock strap also on top (am i even making any sense?) and i think there was one on the bottom. The straps are wide and I think the original price was over $1000. They has petrol, a bordeaux-like color, black, and others. There were quite a few.

    I was kind of browsing and was actually SHOCKED to see MJ there since there's never anything good. I should have took a picture...
  2. sounds like the sofi. did it look like this?

  3. ^^ yeah, ive seen the same exact bag at that off saks location before. they had them in bordeaux also.
  4. yes! they had that one and another one that was similar, but more square and there was a pushlock on top that goes over the zipper.
  5. they had the same ones at my off saks. if you got that private event coupon, it applies to regular bags. i think 20% off.