MJ Bags at Neiman Marcus Last Call


Jul 3, 2006
There were lots of MJ bags with silver hardware in beautiful colors at the NMLC in Arrundel Mills Mall.

I don't know all the names, bag.lover might be able to help. The large butter yellow multipocket was listed on sale for $625.00.


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Trying to list the style/color based on the pictures on the computer screen.

row 1:
Shoulder in Cherry (Fall 05)
Multipocket in Emerald (Resort 04), New Sophia in Spearmint (Resort 04)
Shoulder in Taupe (Fall 05)

row 2:
Multipocket in Sap Green (Fall 04)
Multipocket in Thistle (Fall 04)
Katie in Rose Quartz (Resort 04)

row 1:
Multipocket in Sap Green (Fall 04)
Multipocket in Thistle (Fall 04)
Katie in Rose Quartz (Resort 04)

row 2:
Kirsten in Acorn (Fall 04)
Kirsten in Dk Forest (Fall 04)
New Sophia in Peacock Blue (Fall 04)
New Sophia in (can't see the color clearly)

row 1:
Multipocket in Almond (Resort 04)
Lee in Moss (Spring 06)
Cosmetic Pouch in Almond (Resort 04)
Multipocket in Rose Quartz (Resort 04)

row 2:
Cosmetic Pouch, Multipocket, Caroline (Fall 05)
E/W Frame (Fall 05), New Sophia? <can't see>
Mini Satchel in Stark White (Spring 04)
Cammie in Silver (Fall 05)

Sure I'll ask. :yes: I'm going to go later tonight because I have a feeling Arundel Mills is a mad house right now...even though there are no stores there other than NMLC and Saks off 5th.
Erika, no. :sad:

I soooo wanted to buy the yellow multipocket, but after just spending $585.00 on the Trish I am putting myself on a ban until Spring 07.

Hope you find something you love, they had a lot to choose from this morning.