MJ Bags at Neiman Marcus Last Call

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  1. There were lots of MJ bags with silver hardware in beautiful colors at the NMLC in Arrundel Mills Mall.

    I don't know all the names, bag.lover might be able to help. The large butter yellow multipocket was listed on sale for $625.00.
    mjbags1.jpg mjbags2.jpg mjbags3.jpg mjbags4.jpg mjbags5.jpg
  2. ^More pictures.
    mjbags6.jpg mjbags7.jpg
  3. is this in Maryland?
    I want the pink MP. do you know if they ship?
  4. ^^Yes, in Maryland. I don't know if they ship. Their number is 410-379-0159. Good luck!!!!
  5. oh my gosh, i think i'm going to faint!!! I could get some of those.... =)
  6. talking to the store right now to see if they can ship... =)

    I thought i was going to end the year by controlling myself from buying new bags...
  7. Trying to list the style/color based on the pictures on the computer screen.

    row 1:
    Shoulder in Cherry (Fall 05)
    Multipocket in Emerald (Resort 04), New Sophia in Spearmint (Resort 04)
    Shoulder in Taupe (Fall 05)

    row 2:
    Multipocket in Sap Green (Fall 04)
    Multipocket in Thistle (Fall 04)
    Katie in Rose Quartz (Resort 04)

  8. OMGosh! I'm on my way there now!
  9. row 1:
    Multipocket in Sap Green (Fall 04)
    Multipocket in Thistle (Fall 04)
    Katie in Rose Quartz (Resort 04)

    row 2:
    Kirsten in Acorn (Fall 04)
    Kirsten in Dk Forest (Fall 04)
    New Sophia in Peacock Blue (Fall 04)
    New Sophia in (can't see the color clearly)

  10. Ran did you buy anything?
  11. e, if you go, can you ask if they ship?
  12. row 1:
    Multipocket in Almond (Resort 04)
    Lee in Moss (Spring 06)
    Cosmetic Pouch in Almond (Resort 04)
    Multipocket in Rose Quartz (Resort 04)

    row 2:
    Cosmetic Pouch, Multipocket, Caroline (Fall 05)
    E/W Frame (Fall 05), New Sophia? <can't see>
    Mini Satchel in Stark White (Spring 04)
    Cammie in Silver (Fall 05)

  13. Sure I'll ask. :yes: I'm going to go later tonight because I have a feeling Arundel Mills is a mad house right now...even though there are no stores there other than NMLC and Saks off 5th.
  14. Erika, no. :sad:

    I soooo wanted to buy the yellow multipocket, but after just spending $585.00 on the Trish I am putting myself on a ban until Spring 07.

    Hope you find something you love, they had a lot to choose from this morning.
  15. row 1: see post#12

    row 2:
    New Sophia
    New Sophia in Dk Indigo (Fall 04)
    Mini Satchel in Stark White (Spring 04)