MJ bag???

  1. Hi everyone.

    i was hoping to get some opinions on this bag.

    Real, fake?

    Do you like it?

  2. This is my fave MJ bag............

    You may want to post regarding authenticity in the MJ thread. ;)
  3. This bag appears to be authentic. The font on the zippers and lock have correct spacing and the interior is canvas which is a good sign.
  4. thanks lemmons.

    it sold for very cheap on ebay... 160038640624

    please take a look at the mj thread and look at the patent bags superfriday has posted if you have a minute. what do you think of those?
  5. The marking are all right and the font looks correct. Usually at least the font is wrong if it's fake...
  6. Look at the diamond stitching... it doesn't line up properly at the lock. It should be symmetrical, but the lock is off to the left just a bit. Also, the diamond pattern divided by the center line is supposed to meet up. I could be wrong here, but look at the pictures of the same bag on eluxury and you'll see what I'm talking about.

    Also, the one on eluxury has the Marc Jacobs Made in Italy stamp on the rectangular enclosure where the zipper is.

    Is it possible this was a different season, or a reject bag from the factory? :smile: Or maybe I'm noticing things that aren't always true. If this is a fake, I'd say they're getting better.
  7. purly i see what you mean. i wasn't the winning bidder, just very curious b/c it looked so good.

    just like this auction 150043932137... even though the photos are so shotty- it come with an elux receipt?
  8. On the second one, I can't really tell from the pictures. Sorry :/