MJ bag

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  1. My best friend bought a MJ bag on ebay (duhn...duhn duhn duhn...) and swears she thinks its authentic. I am not a huge MJ fan, so I am not sure..but based on the other lines I do research, I am pretty sure that the problem she is having might indicate that it is a knockoff...the thread in the stiching around her handles is threading! could this possibly be a defect, or did she really spend a small fortune on a fake bag?! I wish I had a picture or style name...anyone else seen this problem??
  2. Do you know what kind of MJ bag it is? I've never had this problem with any of mine, but it could be a different style!
  3. i'm looking up the style name as we speak...thanks for writing back, im new to the site and im so excited that there are people out there as obsessed with handbags as i am! :smile:
  4. Welcome to the dark side. :sneaky: I hope it isn't fake... Good luck.
  5. hahaha, thanks! it is the BLAKE bag, and it is threading near the handles... i know it is supposed to be a soft leather, but i was also surprised because it seemed very lightweight..my means of comparison are my luella bags, which are pretty heavy to begin with, but are definitely authentic real leather...not sure if the weight would be a good way of telling whether its a knockoff as well?
  6. Was the auction recent enough that we could still see it on ebay? Pictures there might help with authentication.
  7. I have an authentic large MultiPocket and had to send it for repair because one thread at the handle came undone (and stitching at the bottom).

    It's pretty hard to determine authenticity without pictures.

    Welcome to the TPF! This place is soooo good but sooooo bad for the wallet. ;)
  8. hahaha! well thats good to hear, maybe there is a chance..thanks for the welcome! im going to see if i can find the auction, its going to be pretty tricky because she doesnt know that im trying to find this out..and im not so sure she wants to know..:angel:
  9. ^ Maybe you could try and check the zipper heads (when she's not looking). I'm pretty sure they should read Riri M8.
  10. I'm surprised that you said the Blake was lightweight, because I have a blake and its kinda heavy. I agree with Melly, check the zippers when you get a chance.
  11. thanks ladies...the zipper check was the give away. unfortunately, she got ripped off BAD! and i dont have the heart to tell her :sad: even if i do decide to tell her, the purchase was at least in february, do you know if its too late to file a complaint or anything on ebay? how much do they retail for? she spent at the very least 400!
  12. Ouch. That's so sad, and it makes me so mad that unscrupulous jerks sell fakes for so much money and the poor unsuspecting, trusting buyers get ripped off. Grrrr.

    I'm not sure what the terms are to file, but I'd file anyway. I'd rather be turned down by PayPal or whatever, than just let it go without at least trying. Perhaps she can still update the feedback she left for the seller?

    Tell her to join tPF and everyone here will help her out for the next time.
  13. thanks so much!!! me and one of our other friends are still trying to figure out whether we should tell her...shes a little combative, it might not be good..but i just dont think its right that she was so trusting and ripped off! not to mention its illegal! ugh! you girls are the best though!!