MJ bag showed up on NM.com...yay or nay??? thx

  1. any1 have this? how u like it?? seems a bit cute...i hope my order goes thru...(crosses finger) :smile:

  2. I believe this is the E/W hobo. I don't have this one but I have the hobo that's very similar to it (like a N/S version) and I love it! Hope you get it too!:yes:
  3. It's one of MJ's more understated bags--I like it. It won't go out of style and getting it on sale is the best! Hope the order goes thru for you.
  4. Good luck, looks like you might be scoring on some more bags today!
  5. it looks cute to me! good size that you can still carry enough stuff with the classy simple gold pushlock!

    Did you get it?!?!

    these bags seem to fly off NM the moment they appear. HOW do ppl do that??? Sit in front of their pcs to monitor NM every minute? By the time i try to see these bags there are "unavailable"
  6. Gals, I really like white MJ bags but always thought they must be very high maintenance. Please tell me I'm wrong ...
  7. It depends on if you are tough on your bags I guess. I try to be easy on my bags, but I tend to get white dirty.
  8. so far, it seems like my order went thru, but u know how that goes..they might just email me and say it's all gone :sad:
    i'll post pix when i get it...do u guys think this will be a nice bag? easy to match? thx
  9. ^ From previous experiences with NM.com, I can say that your order only went through if you receive the tracking number. When there is very few left, your order is not guaranteed even if you receive the order confirmation.

    I went through many troubles for the patent Elise in the beginning of last year.