MJ bag - love the bag - hate the chain. Ideas anyone?

  1. I have a lovely MJ bag in purple metallic chevre but it has one of those clunky gold MJ chains that you attach for over the shoulder. I know many love these chains but I am not a fan. So it sits forlornly unused in my closet. It was expensive and I'd like to use it.

    Does anyone know whether MJ's have any other alternatives that I might be able to buy? Otherwise it will have to be sold :sad:
  2. You can contact a MJ boutique, but I don't think they have alternative handles. Selling might be your best bet. Lots of other ladies love that chain strap, me included.
  3. I don't know the specific style of your bag but it sounds like the chain is not removable? (My Stam Hobo chain is removable.) Even if it's not made to be removable, you could probably have it removed, unless of course the chain is part of the handle and not separate.
  4. Yes, the chain's removable. It's a Venezia I think. Anyway, I had it authenticated by the fab MJ experts here on tPF. I could easily carry it minus the chain but it's a lifestyle thing and I prefer having my hands free. I also find the chain a little uncomfortable on my shoulder.

    Thanks for replying anyway. Oh well, I guess I'll guess I should bite the bullet and sell it!

    Does anyone know a reputable MJ eBay seller who might sell the bag for me? It is a beautiful bag and I'd like someone to get pleasure from wearing it rather than it sitting in my closet looking at me reproachfully everytime I open the door! :smile: