MJ Bag in The Devil Wears Prada?????

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  1. Did anyone see the MJ bag that Anne Hathaway gave to her friend in the movie? It was blue that's all I remember, and her friend said the purse was like $1900 or something like that. I was never really a Marc Jacobs fan but I loved that purse!! Does anyone know the name of it??? Or somewhere I can see more pics...???
  2. April818, the style name is Multipocket (comes in 2 sizes). The bigger of the 2 is $995USD, the other is $895. Check out ET's pictures in this thread:
  3. Thanks!!! I LOVE that bag!!!!!!!!
  4. FYI: I spoke with a SA at the Marc Jacobs store in San Francisco today and he believes the bag in the movie was the Denim MJ multipocket
  5. Yes. MJ in San Francisco was good enough to send me the blueberry AND denim large multipockets to check out. The pics do not do the colors justice. After going back to see the film AGAIN just for that scene, I am 99% sure it is the denim large Multipocket. It comes with silver or gold hardware, depending on what the store orders, but the one in the movie has gold hardware. I ended up keeping the denim after my "movie quest." Paula at MJ went to see it, and she voted for denim as well.
  6. ETenebris Good choice! :yes: I now have to decide whether I want the silver hardware or the new gold that's coming out this fall!
  7. The gold is out...the bag in the movie had gold hardware. The SA said it was available in both colors, but certain stores ordered silver while others ordered the gold. MJ got gold. Bloomies and Saks got silver. I went with the gold because I wanted the EXACT bag from the film, and because it makes the bag a little "dressier" if that makes sense. The gold sort of contrasts with the blue, whereas the silver sort of fades into the blue and looks a bit more casual.
  8. Still trying to get a decent pic of the denim color for you guys! Here is one that I took a little while ago with the flash covered. I just cannot get the color to come out right! But this is a bit closer. And it changes as the lighting changes, which does not help! The sun was starting to go down a bit, and the color was looking particularly nice...so I tried again! (Yes, I am a dork! :shame: )
    Denim MJ no flash.jpg
  9. I'm guessing that if I was interested in buying the MJ Denim MP w/ gold hardware NOW, ebay would be my best bet?
  10. Saks NY actually have one large denim MP w/ silver pushlocks available. It's the last one there, so it's floor model condition. You might be able to ask for additional discount.
  11. Thanks, Zoinks...I'll have to look into that asap