MJ Bag I saw at SAKS.....LOVE!..BUT DAMAGED!

  1. :cry: [​IMG]I saw this bag this week at my Saks..fell in LOVE with it..wasnt heavy either...then I notice there is a deep scratch on the bag......The SA(My Sa was not working)there tries to convince me to pay FULL PRICE for a damaged bag!!!!!???HELLO?? Do I look like an IDIOT????they only had one...of course.
    I walked out of there.I could always call MJ in NY and order it with no sales tax- delivered.If you are at Saks in Bala,PA..dont buy this bag..it is DAMAGED and they wont tell you about it if you dont see it!
    It really is a FAB bag in person....
  2. I just saw that bag in Nordstrom (Towson, MD) yesterday. My SA showed it to me, so if you're interested, you could always call there.
  3. WOW! Some SA's are just trying to make a sale. Good thing you caught that.
  4. Jill: you really don't want us to answer that, do you?:roflmfao:
  5. ^ HA!HA!HA!**snort**!!