MJ Bag... Help me decide which color is a better choice.

  1. Hi everyone. I am debating getting the Ines bag. I have seen it in the bone color. I called Nordstroms and they don't carry it in beige. I have also seen it in peanut (online), but never in person. What color Ines (bone or peanut) would be a prettier bag. Thanks in advance for your help. I have too many black bags. I ordered The Kid in black, but am not rethinking my purchase. I already have the Elise in black. I am looking to diversify!!
  2. peanut would be better in my estimation, but i love the red or bordeaux best, good luck and let us knwo what you decide!
  3. Of the two you are considering peanut is my favorite. It such a beautiful neutral!
  4. peanut! love it on christina aguilera, loved it even more irl.