MJ bag from bluefly - what do you think?

  1. I ran across this bag on bluefly and ordered it with a discount coupon I had. What do you guys think? I was thinking it looked like a good weekend carry-all!

  2. I like it! It's a nice, simple style.
  3. That's nice. Good neutral color, and looks like it would be a great weekend bag!
  4. Classic, a great find on Bluefly.
  5. Its a nice classical, simple style with a good neutral colour. Good choice x
  6. Youngprof, good choice/find. =)
    Color and style look great.
  7. gorgeous! may i ask how much it was?
  8. Bluefly had it for just over $1,000 (it listed for $1300, it is a large bag), and I had a 15% off coupon, so I got it for just under $900. I know, good deals are relative in the world of designer bags!
  9. Wow. That's great. I love that bag. good deal!
  10. Youngprof, I agree with you.
    I was able to get several bags for 20% off (via Nordstrom's price-matching to Bloomingdale's & Saks' F&F events). Since a lot of the premium designer bags hardly get marked down, this discount is considered a great deal so I bought more than I should. They are still not cheap though..

    Your MJ bag is quite expensive ($1300), the coupon certainly comes in handy. =)
  11. I really like it! Yummy color and looks so classic. I am a sucker for simple strong shapes. It would be great to see pics when you get it. I am curious to see what the size is like! Enjoy!!
  12. Yummy color & leather!! Wonder how big it is (love big bags!)! Congrats on the great bluefly find!
  13. it's cute! bluefly has had a lot of good stuff lately!
  14. Love the color!
  15. Wow, I thought this bag wasn't available anywhere anymore. Now I'm sad I've blown my $1000 bag budget on other stuff! Ah, well. That's life . . .
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