MJ Baby Stam

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  1. I figured the fullsize stam might be too big but this smaller size seems perfect (though I miss the optional handles). Is this a bag that I could carry for the long term or too trendy? Drawn to the cool vintage vibe I think. Been wanting this color ever since I saw it on Lindsay (thought she has the fullsize). Does the color go with a lot or no?

  2. I :love: your bag. I think the color is great. It's def got the vintage vibe to it. I think it would go with a lot.
  3. Rubygirl I love your bag!!! Is that the emerald balenciaga? So pretty. Thanks for your thoughts on the stam!
  4. You're welcome. Yes, it's the Emerald First. I have carried it everyday since I got it. Just :love: it!!!!!!
  5. oh I love your baby stam!! I think it would with a lot!
  6. Aww.. it's too cute. I think it'd be awesome with casual or a little more dressed up !
  7. I love the baby Stam! I had the full size Stam but gave it up because I thought it was too big and heavy. The little one looks perfect (though I agree that it would be even better with handles).
  8. I love it :love:
  9. i'm giving up my black baby stam for adoption if anyone is interested. PM me.
  10. Cute, like it better than the full sized :biggrin: And I usually dont like small bags!
  11. i think that is a great size and color! and don't think it's too trendy.. it is classic with a vintage twist and it could go with so much. cute bag :smile:
  12. That's a beautiful colour! What are the measurements of the Baby Stam?
  13. very nice!
  14. Is it heavy? That is the one complaint I've heard about the stams-and the hardware, so two complaints, I guess.
  15. Love that size and color! I say it's a keeper!