MJ Baby/Small Stam ques

  1. For those of you who've seen this IRL what did you think? I wish it had the handles like the large Stam but it only has the shoulder chain. The large Stam will be way too huge on me. Is the leather pretty flexible, will I be able to get decent amt of stuff in it? Depending on your thoughts I may or may not get this bag :love: Thanks girls! I will be buying this sight unseen so any thoughts would be much appreciated. Is $750 a good price?
  2. I have that bag in Violet and it's too small (IMO) to be carried as an everyday bag so I just use it occassionally at night or if I'm just looking for a bag to carry a few necessities for an afternoon or whatever.

    Are you positive that bag is authentic? And have you seen the color in person and do you love it?
  3. No I haven't seen it in person and now that you said it's small, I'm not sure. I really don't have any small bags, most are on the larger side - though I don't carry much regardless.
  4. I think the bag is actually like 12" wide across the bottom but the opening is small, therefore making it difficult to get much inside. If you don't carry a big wallet it would probably be okay. Is the bag from ebay or are you buying it from a friend or something?
  5. From a friend. I carry a small wallet but also use a cosmetic pouch, cell, keys, stuff like that. My other option is to not get the Stam and buy a black city Bbag instead :smile: But I can't do both.

    I *really* love the look of the Stam much better as I like the handheld handles and removeable chain option. Maybe I'm trying to talk myself into the baby as I love the style of the fullsize Stam! I wonder if I'll like the baby as much....
  6. Did you know they have a new Stam coming out for fall? The diminsions are 14.5 x 7.5 x 6.5... it will have two handles and the chain strap, and it has two small pockets on the front. It will actually be more expensive than the regular Stam at $1300. It's a lot more $$$ than the one you're considering but it may be what you're looking for.
  7. I think I'll wait till fall then! And SAVE in the interm :smile: Thanks for letting me know this!!!
  8. I think the small stam is adorable, but I find that it is too small for everyday use. I usually carry a large wallet, cosmetic pouch, cell phone, and sunglasses, and it will not stay shut with all that stuff in it.
  9. thanks slc! That's all I needed to know :=) I'm holding off on it due to size.