MJ at TJ Maxx in Manhattan!

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  1. Hey NYC Gals: I was at the TJ Maxx on 6th Ave and 17th (?) in the big Bed, Bath and Beyond complex thingie and I spotted the following Marc Jacobs bags during my very quick trip this afternoon (around 4 pm):

    turqoise small multi-pocket for $399
    pink blake for $499
    a lavender bag in a style I can't identify for $499

    I put each of the bags in the back of the rack on its own hook, so they are not so prominent all piled on top, etc., in case any TPFers want to go get 'em. Each is in its respective color section in the handbag area.
  2. WOW!

    On my way to the NM i'll need to stop by a TJMaxx. goodness. the wallet says, ouch. :yes:
  3. unfortunately our TJNMaxx (Countryside, IL) didn't have any MJ bags (I didn't see anything better than D&B!) but they did have a bunch of MJ clothing (full line, not MbyMJ) and sunlgasses from both full line MJ and MbyMJ
  4. Those were the exact same ones I saw at Sudbury, MA!
  5. too bad it wasn't there on Wednesday when I was there.
  6. Um... is that your baby as your avatar? SO CUTE! Seriously, that baby is ridiculously adorable!
  7. Yes he is!! Thanks for your sweet comment! :biggrin:
  8. Turquoise MP? I just fainted - MUST GET!
  9. I was back at our TJMaxx this afternoon - zippo, ziltcho, not a single "nice" designer bag among the hundreds that they had! they do still have a fairly reasonable selection of MbyMJ sunglasses and full line clothing, but sadly, no MJ bags (and the SA I asked said she hasn't seen any)
  10. does that Nordstrom rack in countryside usually have a good selection of mbymj clothes? what are the prices like? i love those pieces and i have to make it there this coming weekend.
  11. wow i would love to run into those at a tj maxx!
  12. thanks for the update!
  13. I think they only ship bags to TJMaxx's with a Runway section, if you go to their website and see store locator.. the word "runway" should be listed next to their address. Hope this helps!
  14. Thank you!:tup:
  15. TJMaxx is in Countryside -- Not the Rack - and no, I've never seen MbyMJ clothing at TJM. The Nordstroms Rack on State Street (Chicago) gets lots of MbyMJ clothing -- I haven't bought clothing there in quite some time, but whenever I've been there, I've seen some.

    The TJM in Countryside is a Runway store -- that's why they have all that MJ, Badgley Mishka, Armani, etc clothing -- I have seen nicer bags there (I bought a $1200 Michael Kors bag last summer for $200), but they didn't have anything nice (as far as bags go) this week -- The best bags I saw were ONE Coach Canvas Legacy Satchel and a Black Leather Junior Drake -- everything else was D&B, Cole Haan, and "Italian" designers.

    Altho I flunked out on a bag search, I did find plenty of shoes & clothing -- I bought a really cute pair of Juicy leather flats and a Juicy dress. I also put 3 pair of Coach shoes on layaway. They had a really nice pair of Michael Kors black leather pumps (full line, not MICHAEL) for $150, but they were too small.