MJ at Macys?

  1. Someone in the "Deals and Steals" posted that the Macys F&F discount applies to Marc Jacobs....I know that the local Macy's carries MBMJ, but does Macy's carry MJ ?? If so, WHERE???!!!!

    I'm sure once I find out, I'll be running to the phone to place an order! :nuts:
  2. sheesh...if i knew, so would i! not my local macys...nope nope..the biggest brand they've got is coach, dooney, and kenneth cole....it's such a bad bag selection! :sad: although last year my MF's mom scored one...i was a bit jealous...
  3. I heard the Chicago Macy's in Michigan Ave carries collection MJ.. however, my local Nordies will not pricematch them since it's not a local Macy's. You can probably call over to that location and get a drop ship.
  4. ^^ you could ask Macy's to Match Nordies though, I think they'd do it.
  5. ive never seen any mj's at any of the macys ive been in!
  6. ^^^
    me neither!

    collection or diffusion! you girls have it made, and now i'm more apt to check out other macy's i visit.
  7. I was in Chicago this past holiday weekend. I did go to Macys on Michigan. They had very few MJ bags. They were in a glass case in a handbag dept on the 1st floor. They may have been MBMJ for all I know. Selection was quite small.
  8. yeah, I was not sure about the MJ at Macys post, so I figured I'd go straight to the source of great MJ info (all you gals of course!) to confirm....:yes:

    What a bummer....oh well, I'll keep hoping and until then, try to get my fix with MBMJ.
  9. I no longer live in Chicago but back when I did, and it was Marshall Fields, they had a ton of MJ's on State Street. Up until this past summer right before I moved, they still had quite a few MJ's. Now only if Macy's in SF had some MJ's....