MJ as compared to Chanel

  1. Just wondering how you all feel about Chanel as compared to MJ bags. I have neither (I have a lot of LV and Gucci).

    If I am going to spend like $1,500 on a MJ bag, would it be better spent on a Chanel which is a more classic style or do you think the MJ style is one that will last and be classic in time?
  2. Hi..personally I've noticed that a lot of the Marcs end up on sale. When I've paid full price this really is an irritation. Depending on the style you may be able to get a discount. I have now only spent full price on 5 out of 41 pieces. I have a few Chanel but personally do not like a chain handle on alot of my day to day bags, how careful I have to be with a lot of the leather and the structure to some of them so it really depends on the stye. At the end of the day, for me its really which one makes you smile most.. Which styles are you looking at? maggie
  3. Depending on the style, but I would most likely go for Chanel at that price point.

    For quilted bags, I prefer Chanel; I just find them more classic and chic, MJ's thick/heavy/funky chains are definitely not for me. Can't deny the fact that MJ's quilted bags are inspired by Chanel's classic bags.

    (from Telegraph)
    Marc Jacobs on Chanel (from NY Magazine)
  4. Interesting. I definitely think some of the MJ quilted were inspired by Chanel. I do like the fact that some of the MJ bags don't have a logo on it while Chanel always does.

    On the other hand, I also feel if I am going to spend a lot of $$ on a bag, I don't want it to be too trendy--it should be a style that will last. Designers such as Chanel, LV, and even Gucci have been around for a long time and are always in style.

    I think I've answered my own question--save the $$ and go with Chanel!
  5. ^ Chanel's Classic Flap and Reissue don't have big logos, do you like those? =)

    Even though new MJ fans claim that Stam is a classic, only time will tell whether it is truly a classic. What happened to the so-called classic bags from other brands several years ago? Stam is less than 2 years old while Chanel's quilted bags have stood the test of time (decades). If there's any MJ bag that earns its status as a classic, it's Venetia; it debuted 7 years ago and it's still going strong.

    I really don't like the fact that MJ bags go on sale all the time these days. The brand just loses its exclusivity and resale value, that's why boutiques don't mark down bags.
  6. Definitely a question of style vs class. At the $1500 I don't think you could get the classic flap--they run around $2400. Not sure what Chanel has in the $1500 price range. I love MJ, but you are right, they do go on sale. I feel great when I get a MJ bag on sale from a reputable store, like Neiman's ro Saks for half your $1500 pricetag.
  7. I didn't realize that MJs go on sale that much. Are the sales usually at the end of a season?

    I guess if I found something on sale, I might pick it up but I guess I'm not willing to spend over $1,000 on an MJ which may not stand the test of time.

    Perhaps I underestimated the cost of a Chanel. I thought there were a few smaller bags in the $1,500-$1,900 range.
  8. ^ There was a big price increase on Chanel's Classic Timeless pieces (effective Feb 1st, 2007), here are the before/after prices.

    Small Classic Flap Caviar: $1495 -> $1795
    Small Classic Flap Lambskin: $1650 -> $1950
    Medium Classic Flap Caviar: $1595 -> $1995
    Medium Classic Flap Lambskin: $1750 -> $2150
    Jumbo Classic Flap Caviar: $1695 -> $2250
    Jumbo Classic Flap Lamskin: $2405
    Petite Shopping Tote Caviar: $1095 -> $1150
    Grande Shopping Tote Caviar: $1650 -> $1750
    Medallion Tote: $1650 -> $1750
  9. ^ Typo. Jumbo Classic Flap Lamskin is $2450 now.
  10. Wow that is a pretty hefty price increase. I should have bought a bag before the increase!

    Thank you so much for the info. Very helpful.
  11. Not all MJ bags go on sale. Classic styles (made every season) in basic colors (black, white) are always full price, they are getting more unpredictable nowadays though. MJ boutiques don't have end-of-season sales on bags, they are either still kept at the stores (sold at full price) or sent elsewhere; they sometimes have crazy sales (70% off or more) on unsuccessful styles in non-basic colors. Department stores often discount past season items, seasonal styles/colors to make rooms for newer items; when they still don't sell out, they get sent to outlets.

    As for Chanel, I am told that only the line mentioned went up in price; there are (still) bags within $1500-$1900 range. When you decide to go for Chanel, you can take advantage of savings offered during Saks' EGC event (spend some, get some back) and/or 1st day on a charge account (10% off).

    I am a big fan of Marc Jacobs, otherwise, I wouldn't gather facts, colors, and styles he made over the years. I honestly don't love every single bag ever released, but there are some that are classic to me. I prefer classic pieces (considered boring by some) over trendier ones (preferred by some).
  12. i would totally go with chanel over MJ. I love chanel.
  13. I agree that MJ's quilted chain bags are inspired by Chanel. If I wanted a quilted chain, I would plunk down the cash and get a Chanel.

    I am a huge fan of MJ but I am not a fan of the new line. I prefer the nickel hardware and his original bag designs (Stella, Multipocket, etc...).

    I feel that I would get more use out of the MJ bag vs. Chanel. I really use my bags. Chanel bags are DIVINE but I feel that I would rip right through it.

    I am also not too crazy about the large logos and the Chanel logo can really overtake the bags.
  14. I agree with the girls here. If you can find a Chanel bag that you like at an "affordable" price, then go for her. I'm not a fan of the logo or the chain straps either, but there are definitely Chanel styles that exist without these. After you get your chanel, you could always buy a cheaper MJ later, esp those that go on sale at dept stores.

    And yes, the sales are usually at the end of the season, but sometimes there are also Friends and Family sales, dept store outlets, and special sales that happen at irregular times throughout the year.
  15. I love them both. I would start with the more classic and time-tested (Chanel) then move on to Marc Jacobs if still feel the urge. The Stam should be around for a while.