MJ and LV

  1. I just had a nice chat with a LV s/a , she said that the new upcoming collections will have a more "classic MJ look" , and some of the LV peices were designed to apeal to the MJ customer . But she said these new LV bags are gonna look like MJ collection but a better quality.lol We will see
  2. Interesting to know, I wonder if the LV forum has a sneak peek of these new bags that are up and coming. Not much of a LV fan, I can never get into the monogram look.
  3. yah, i've noticed MJ is slighly working his signature MJ bag looks into Lv since he started and now they're almost an interbred brand........interesting, as im a fan of classic LV and MJ
  4. the style similarity is crazy!! one of the first ones w/ the studs look so much like a MJ bag! and the one with the chunky kiss lock...hello stam?
    and the big pockets....i might actually consider LV now...lol i was never a fan of it before...jmo...but there are some pretty new bags coming out!
  5. That's interesting. My two favorite designer bags are LV and MJ!
  6. wow the lv bags are look very similar to the MJ bags. especially the first to LV bags in that lookbook - reminds me of the Julia!

    seems like alot of them will only be produced in limited pieces for one collection and thus a higher pricing....