MJ and Louis Vuitton Documentary Tonight

  1. There's a documentary on the Sundance channel tonight from 8 p.m to 9 p.m about MJ and his new season's clothes as well as LV.

    I'll be watching.:smile:
  2. me too anything LV and I'm in--- thanks for the tip
  3. Really? I don't think I have that channel. That blows.
  4. yiks have to run and catch the end!
  5. I watched it. Actually I got out of the bath and my DH was watching it. :wtf: I didn't even know it was going to be on! He probably thought I was nuts when I was talking about all of the bags and their prices!
  6. I enjoyed it! I thought the program jumped around a lot, but I was fascinated by MJ and the process he goes through. I almost screamed when he was cutting up a perfectly good monogram canvas bag to use as an experiement!

    He was so calm as were all the people associated with him. It was nice to see he has a good relationship with the other people he works with.

    I vaguely heard there are going to be other designers featured all week on the Sundance channel, at the same time. (I may have this wrong, though.)
  7. Brilliant...loved it...for those who do not have Sundance it will be out on DVD.
  8. I watched this last night. It was really interesting. It was the season they made the Nimbus. What was cool was that when they were considering that bag, they picked up the material and asked, "is this so ugly that it is great?" I loved the creative thinking behind some of their designs and how it went back and fourth between the makings of the MJ line and LV line.
  9. will it be worth renting??
  10. After watching the show I am completely fascinated by Marc Jacobs' personality and his life. I've got to find a book or something that delves into his personal story. It must be intriguing.

    Any suggestions?
  11. I think so. I'd like to watch it again.
  12. i caught it halfway through. def worth renting, i dunno about buying. but it was a pretty neat documentary
  13. Aw bummer missed it. I wonder if it will repeat ??
  14. I read a brilliant article in Fortune. it was their designer series. If you go to marcjacobs.com and click on News and Gossip (or whatever it is), scroll right until you see the Fortune cover. the article is in there. it is amazing :tup::tup:
  15. For everyone who missed it, I learned (in the Marc Jacobs forum) that this episode will repeat on 2/18 at 12:00pm.