MJ Adina in true red

  1. Ok I need help! I just came across the MJ Adina in true red for 601 at off 5th. I have 25% off coupon off my entire purchase (thanks to tPF posts) so it brings it to about 450 before tax. Worth it?
  2. do you have a pic of the adina? I'm not familiar with this style...
  3. I don't I just did a search for it on the forum and it showed and ppl had pics.....so unsure about what to do!
  4. I love the way the Adina looks. It's a very pretty bag. The only gripe I have is that the flap needs to be opened with a pushlock. Did you play around with it? Maybe you'll see what I mean when you open and close the flap a few times. If it wasn't for the flap I would probably own one.
  5. Honestly, I'm not really a fan of the Adina style. For that much money, I would rather have a Multipocket or something else similar. While I bet the red color is gorgeous, I would save the money or use it toward something else. Keep us posted on what you decide!
  6. I decided against it. Thithi was right it is kind of cumbersome to open and close. I didn't like that there was no closure for the center pocket. My Karolina doesn't have one either, but for some reason it's not as irritating to me.
    Also, it was A LOT heavier on the shoulder than I thought it would be. I think I got so excited b/c I do the whole calculation in my head like well it's 1/2 off of retail, then I have a coupon and then it makes it only 1/3 the cost! ;) So, needless to say I didn't do it. Thanks for your input Thithi and luvpurses24!