Mizrahi leaves Target for Liz Claiborne

  1. :crybaby:Thanks for sharing.
  2. :wtf::crybaby:
  3. He's going to Liz Claiborne where Tim Gunn is now? Wow. That's interesting.
  4. I wonder who will take his place :shrugs:

    I think someone like Michael Kors would be a perfect fit, but I don't know if he'd ever design for Target...
  5. oh,no.
  6. That sucks! I love Target.
  7. I can see that happening. You have a good idea!
  8. Michael Kors would be a great replacement. I actually love his designs more than Mizrahi.
  9. Too bad...
  10. eh I never bought mizrahi labeled stuff at target anyway. I do like looking at their go international collections though and like all their regular mossimo apparel.
  11. Claiborne is upgrading and buying other design houses as well so it is a natural fit for Mizrahi and I imagine they are paying him a fortune...they can afford it.Both he and Gunn have great name recognition and the Target line is getting tired at any rate...now every designer designs a cheap line..he was just the first. I think he is great and hope he puts his own signature on the boring, missy Claiborne.
  12. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  13. Kors is more classic than Mizrahi (IMO) so I would love that!!
  14. The exact same for me. Maybe the staleness I've been feeling in Target will clear with a fresh new designer. :biggrin: