Mizi vs. Deauville

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  1. Well,
    I gave my daughter my Trouville. I have been missing my Trouville. DD loves it so I must find a new bag. I am considering a Deauville because it is bigger than the Trouville. I also like the Monogram Mizi. If I get the Mizi, I will have a different bag from her bag. Is the Mizi about the same size as the Deauville? It appears to be a very similar bag. I am seriously considering the Mizi. How much does the Mizi hold compared to the Deauville?
  2. Do you have a picture of the Mizi?
  3. No there are a few on ebay.
  4. love the Mizi!
  5. I like the mizi too!!!
  6. mizi
  7. I have the deauville and Mizi And to me they are pretty much the same size and the Mizi is much better and beautiful looking bag than the deauville ( IMO)
    I'll post a pic later for you to see😀
  8. love, love, love the Mizi!

    i had a Touville and while i thought it was cute it was just too darn hard to get items in and out of the bag without tearing up my hand on the zipper - let your daughter keep it. the Deauville doesn't have the cuteness factor that the Trouville has, just looks kind of like a big square bag. but the Mizi! oh, my - it's an LE and has wonderful details that make it visually interesting. get the Mizi!
  9. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392223450.469225.jpg

    Here's the 2 comparison
    The deauville is slightly bigger structured compared to Mizi on the feminine side , hope this help
  10. When I used the Trouville my items would scratch from the zipper. You are right. I found a Mizi. Yes, a different bag than the Trouville is the best option. Thanks!
  11. Spoiledwify, that is a great shot for comparison. Both bags are gorgeous! I was nervous because I wanted a bag with the same structure of the Trouville, but could not decide.... I ordered a Mizi. It has been well loved. I cannot wait to receive it. Thanks for your help.
  12. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!!!!

    Cheers to you!

  13. Your welcome and glad that I could help and def you'll love her like i do that's why I preserved her by not using her😂😂😂😂
    Post the pix when you get her . Where did you found her if I may ask?
  14. post pics when you get it so we can all drool over it ;)