Mizi Vienna

  1. Does anyone know what the retail was on the Mizi Vienna? What is a reasonable price on this bag?
  2. The retail was : $2520 before taxes
  3. Thanks for your reply. There is one on let-trade for $3000. As much as I love that bag do you think that is priced too high?
  4. Not at all for such a hard-to-find and HOT bag!!!!
  5. This bag is absolutely beautiful. I've only ever seen about 2 on eBay, and the sellers was asking well over $3000.

  6. I know! That bag is hard to come by and it sure is HOT!!! :love:
  7. I totally agree! It definitely is beautiful!!! Ive been wishing for one to pop up. Im a bit wary about purchasing from eBay with all of the problems people are having.

    Now, I just have to convince my DH. :graucho:
  8. At least you know with Let-trade, it's authentic. No one seems to have authenticity issues with him so far. US$2999 seems a high price, but the Mizi Vienna in black is hard to find. So gorgeous!
  9. If you get it, wow, you will be sooo lucky! Let-trade is 100% legit! You will be so happy when you get it, and carry it!
  10. I'd say go for it! let-trade is 100% legit and if the bag is new it's a deal!
  11. go for it 3,000 is a really good deal especially since it's black. i had my black mizi vienna on ebay for 5,000 so you would be saving a great deal
  12. I don't think that bag is new but it is worth asking! MMM.... That bag is stunning!!

    Good luck!