Mizi Vienna

  1. Can somebody let me know which line is Mizi Vienna belonging to? I could no find in eluxury website? Is it discontinued? And how much is the black one? Thanks.:confused1:
  2. gone gone gone.....unfortunately!!!!
  3. It was a limited line for F/W '05. Mizi Vienna retailed for US$2695.00 (if I remember correctly).
  4. It was LE. They don't make it anymore. I had only seen it once on ebay with a 4K starting bid.
  5. :crybaby: :crybaby: Too bad, it is a really cute bag.
  6. Try emailing let-trade. They get them in once in a while, often in great condition. Good luck!
  7. Does anyone know for sure what the retail was on this bag?
  8. If I remember correctly: I remember seeing the bag when it was still on Vuitton.com... it was under "Monogram Vienna"? :shrugs:

  9. I checked. Its not there anymore. :Push:
  10. Ok. I found out. Apparently it retailed for $2700