Mizi Vienna. . . what is the retail before?

  1. If I remember correctly the one on let-trade was around $2500.00.
  2. The retail for Mizi Vienna was US$2695.00 + tax
  3. thanks imgg, do you happen to know how much the brand new retailed for?
  4. thanks LV_addict, did you happen to see this color bag in real life? was it nice?
  5. Somebody should inform the seller that there is NO alligator on the bag they are selling.:nuts: It's the quilted lambskin version.:wlae:
  6. I haven't seen that particular color IRL but I don't think it's as bright as it looks in the photos. It's more of a deeper green (unless there were more than three colors that this bags was produced in).
  7. thanks LV_addict, I made an offer for 3000 got too excited. And I thought that because of the. . . ALLIGATOR it must be expensive given that the BIN is 4000!!!.

    But I retracted it because the description wasn't right. There is NO alligator on this bag.

    How much would be a fair offer for this bag?:confused1:

  8. I've been following those bags on eBay for the last few months and many of them (in mint condition) sold for US$2400.00 - US$2600.00. I think if you offer the seller US$2700.00 (which is retail) it would be fair IMO.
  9. thanks LV_addict, do you love your mizi vienna bag? I saw in the Clubhouse that you have it. Is it nice?:shame:
  10. I LOVE it!!! It's one of the bags I own that I will NEVER part with!:love:
  11. Same here I love my mizi.