Mizi question?? -- need help

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  1. :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:


    I just wonder .. is Monogram Mizi is limited??

    Anyone know.. pls help me..

    Thxs in advance
  2. discontinued....periodically they pop up on eBay and/or let-trade.
    good luck, beautiful bag!
  3. Do a search for MIZI and you will find countless threads about this beautiful bag!! Hope you find one! Its one of my favorites!
  4. I think that I got one of the last one's in the country thanks to Selena's tip. It's a beautiful bag. I hope you can find one.
  5. so lovely......i wish
  6. Yup, it was fairly limited...your best bet for getting one now is on eBay.
  7. They currently have one in Let Trade for $1500.
  8. It was limited... maybe you can find one on eBay or Let Trade
  9. Thxs everyone
  10. the mizi is such a beautiful bag!