mizi on ebay

  1. item #: 130039146994

    mprs, $1499.00

    good luck!
  2. Thanks, checking this out right now!
  3. I've been reading that a lot of people are looking for a MIZI. Anyone recall whom?

  4. that's me, i've been hunting this bag down, but i have no funds right now! Argh!

    but whoa 1499? Doesn't the Mizi retail for like $1400?
  5. It's actually US$1,350.
  6. Correct me if i'm wrong, the MIZI was included in the last price increase eventhough it was discontinued prior to that. I believe it was $1420 after the increase in June 06.

    Since this bag is highly sought after, it's plain economics...SUPPLY and DEMAND. Plus, you can never find them in stores and it's extremely difficult to find one period as people don't want to let this style go. I certainly won't let mine go!!!
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