mix'n match

  1. do u mix'n match ur black coach bags with brown shoes or vice versa?
  2. I'll wear my khaki bags with any color shoes or clothes, but black bags go with black shoes or khaki shoes, and brown bags go with brown shoes or khaki shoes. Gold with anything :smile:
  3. black goes w everything except brown, that said, once in awhile i break this rule!
  4. khaki sig bags with anything, black bags with black shoes, brown bags with brown shoes....like gabz, I sometimes break my own rule! LOL
  5. I usually stay closer to the rules; black with black and brown with brown. However... since I got my khaki/coal Leigh, I don't have to worry and I'm loving it. The black/brown thing isn't an issue and if I'm too lazy to change my bag I'm pretty safe.
  6. What about the chocolate bags, can you wear that with black? Is chocolate an exception to the brown rule? Might be a silly question, but my fav boots are in black and I have been begging the hubby for them in brown, in the mean time the tags still on two of my new chocolate coach babies :sad: so they have never been worn :sad:
  7. I will wear caramel coloured shoes with my black bag but not dark brown.
  8. Never, I only wear brown w/ brown and black w/ black.
  9. i don't see a problem with a chocolate bag wearing black.
  10. I'm kinda picky i always like to match everything.
  11. I don't match my shoes and my bag. I match my shoes with my outfit then my bag with my outfit. It always come out looking good in the end.
  12. I don't really like black and brown together...I never have an all-black bag and the only black shoes I have are dressy.

    I would wear a brown bag (khaki, not chocolate) with an all-black outfit, but I wouldn't wear a black bag with an all-brown outfit if that makes sense.
  13. I wear whatever shoes with whatever bag I want to :yes: I almost always wear my dark brown dr marten shoes and wear them with whichever bag and it looks good to me.. but if I wore my black boots or something I would probably not wear a brown bag.. but who knows.. maybe I am just a rebel.. :graucho:
  14. i personally dont care as long as it looks good.