mixing up the clochette?

  1. had i had multiple H bags (had i had any H bags, and i know i wont for a long time) I had an idea to mix up clochettes from different bags to match outfits?! i.e. a B.J. clochette on a gold bag when wearing jeans? or intertwining textures would be hot. A red lizard on black box would be a hot look, esp. with a simple white/black and red outfit. So has anyone done this do you have pics to share?
  2. For me that would just mean exchaning one black box clochette for another.:p
  3. nm, that's a cute idea. :smile:
  4. Ditto! Or if I was feeling very racy one day perhaps a brown one! Ooerr!
  5. LOL well I guess this is only applicable to those with multiple colored bags lol. At least you guys are one step ahead of me you acctually have bags! (and numerous at that)
  6. :lol:

    The only time I play with my clochette is to have it on OR off.
  7. That is an interesting idea! Unfortunately, I don't like the look of the clochette hanging from small bags - so I have a drawer full of clochettes! Maybe I could make bracelets out of them? :confused1:
  8. The other day I saw a SO at Mika's store, that had a contrasting clochette.

    Here is the photo --

    I believe it is a fuschia, chevre Birkin, with a rouge vif clochette (to match the rouge vif interior of the bag -- you can kind of see it in the photo). The pink/red combo was a bit too much for me.

    B/c it was a SO, I think it was like $16K. Not sure of the exact price, but I remember when I heard the price thinking that I would rather get an Ostrich bag for that amount.
  9. That would be so cool. I did see one in London. This lady (extremely fair and slim) had a black lizard clochette on a black box birkin. It looked very special as the black lizard was a little glossy against the smooth box leather.
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao: