Mixing sunscreen into your moisturizer?

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  1. when the weather gets warmer, i like to up my SPF and protect my skin as much as possible, but i often find that i just don't have the time in the morning to wait until my moisturizer dries before applying sunblock, and so sometimes run out the door without any SPF on my face, or use my moisturizer that contains a low SPF.

    are there any adverse effects to mixing your SPF into your lotion yourself, in terms of efficacy in protecting your skin from the sun? i've heard that mixing SPF's is a bad idea, so i'd be mixing my sunscreen into a lotion without any SPF, but i was just wondering if perhaps the ingredients in moisturizer react with sunscreens to lessen or do away with the beneficial aspects of sunscreen.

    one thought i had was even if it does work, perhaps in mixing the two you're not applying enough sunscreen to your face to afford yourself adequate protection.

    i'd love to hear any thoughts anybody has on this! TIA!! :flowers:
  2. I wouldn't mix them...I worry about the stability of the product when it is mixed with additional components. If you are in a hurry, there are some mineral powder SPF 30 that you can use over top your moisturizer or even your makeup. I have tried the Peter Thomas Roth one and it is really nice.
  3. ^^ thanks for the response alexis! i actually use the peter thomas roth on top of everything, but i'm paranoid and like to have the extra coverage underneath as well. this morning i actually mixed one pump of my lotion with the amount of sunscreen i would usually put on my face, but if it kills the efficacy of the sunblock i really don't want to be doing that!
  4. I'd be afraid that either the sunblock or the moisturizer (or both) would lose some of its benefits if I mixed them together. I use a moisturizer that has spf, and often a Smashbox primer with spf. I also bought that Philip Thomas Roth brush spf, and love that too. If you really love a moisturizer that doesn't come in an spf version, I'd probably put on the spf first, and then your moisturizer, followed by primer and your regular makeup. Or maybe even moisturizer first, then spf. See which way works better with your makeup - one way might give you a better makeup base than the opposite.
  5. I use Clarins UV Plus SPF 40. It's a very very light sunscreen that you pat down on top of your regular moisturizer. I liked it because it's so light you don't even feel it when you put it on.
  6. Why don't you just get a moisturizer with sunscreen, they don't cost much anyway, I wouldn't mix the 2 separately because of potential ingredient incompatibility.
  7. ^^i haven't been able to find a moisturizer i like with a high enough SPF. i like to use SPF 55 on my face, and there don't seem to be any moisturizers that have this. my estee lauder and kiehl's lotions are SPF 15, and my lancome has no SPF in it at well. i actually intentionally purchased lotions with no SPF as i've heard that if you layer two SPF's you don't get the full effects of the higher one.
  8. jc--have you tried the neutrogena mositurizer with spf 45? It comes in tinted and untinted versions. I've tried the untinted one and liked it. The two moisturizers I swear by for daytime use are Eucerin Sensitive Skin SPF 30 (approved by Skin Cancer Foundation) and GlyMed Plus PhotoAge Protection Cream SPF 30+. The Eucerin is lighter than the GlyMed. Obagi a facial sunscreen with SPF 35 that is said to be mositurizing as well.
  9. ^^ those sound great alexis! I'll definitely have to check them out-thanks for the great suggestions.
  10. Shiseido has one w/spf 55...its great!

    I used it last summer, even traveled w/it overseas, and I still have a good amount left over
  11. I don't know about you, but it takes like 30 seconds for my moisturizer to sink into my skin. You should just massage it into your skin and allow it to totally sink into your skin. Then slap on your sunscreen.

    I recommend Clarins UV PLUS SPF40 and Lancome DNA Protect SPF50 (with tint. This one's a make up base that evens out skin tone as well).
  12. I use Clarins sometimes too. They make a sunscreen that includes a moisturizer.
  13. thanks for all the great suggestions and product recommendations! i really love my la roche posay sunscreen as it's the first one i've found that doesn't irritate my skin, so i'm just trying to stick to it, but i may explore other options. on the bright side my new moisturizer dries super fast, as does the la roche so it's less of an issue than it was before.