mixing silver hardware with gold jewelry

  1. Hello fellow Chanel- Lovers!

    I just got my first jumbo caviar flap yesterday with silver hardware. I wear a lot of rose gold jewelry... is it weird to wear those two together? I was planning on getting the gold but it really looked horrible on me! Thanks in advance!
  2. i never match my gold hardware to my jewelleries. i have gold h/w on black caviar and prefer than cos i find the gold really pops against the black.

    but all depends on personal preference.

    the flaps are classic regardless of what color h/w. congrates on your new purchase
  3. I had this question yesterday as I was choosing a bag..I have a wedding I have to go for where I'll be wearing gold jewelry but the bag style I got only has silver hardware, the others had gold but weren't the type I wanted. Depending on the bag and jewelry/outfit, it might work..do you have pics?
  4. I personally don't care about mixing gold colours...you see the same colour on some bags anyway, like the Fall Prada bags have a gold and silver zipper. I wear tons of white gold/silver jewelry and decided to go for the gold hardware GST!
  5. thanx for the quick reply ladies... this forum is so bad makes me already think about which next Chanel purchase I want to make... anyways, I have been looking at different pictures of celebrities, etc and mixing the gold and silver doesn't look so bad... I will post a picture soon when I find the charger to my camera! ;)
  6. i usually wear gold jewelry with my gold h/w bag (you could watch out for my modelling pics tmr on the chanel in action thread!) and silver jewelry with silver h/w bag :smile:

  7. I already mix gold and silver jewelry so I wouldn't have a problem mixing bag h/w and jewelry either.
  8. Today you can mix match and it is ok. So rock it, girl.
    Post pics... and i emphahize with you about this forum, but I love it..:tup::tup:..
  9. I can't bring myself to wear gold jewellery with s/h-sad i know!
  10. i don't really like to do it... i haven't yet - i feel wrong about wearing a mix, maybe cause the gold h/w (on black) really stands out and would feel weird to wear silver...

    i just plan to buy more gold jewelry instead!
  11. I love to mix both silver and gold, even in jewelry, my Cartier watch is 18K yellow gold w/ stainless steel, so I'll say go for it:tup: