mixing patterns

okay. so, what are your thoughts on mixing patterns? i know we have probably all read the same articles, tempting us to mix it up. and so i finally did. i have been wanting to try this combination for awhile now. and i was in a rush this morning, so i threw it on. and now that i am at work, i cant help but feel that everyone is staring at my outfit. i chose 2 bold patters: a black and deep red rose bubble skirt with a black and white patterned cardigan. i will try to get some pictures up, but i have to try and take them on the sly, since i am at work. but i would still like to know your thoughts on mixing patterns.


Mar 25, 2008
For idea's of mixing patterns, check out J.Crews website and catalogs. The mix patterns, colors. I tried it for the first time last weekend and it looked great. I got lots of compliments. I used to think it was odd but I'm slowly getting into it.

It's easy to fall into a pattern of wearing an outfit the same way every time. Mixing things up gives you the feeling of getting whole new wardrobe.