Mixing Metals

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  1. Do you guys think it's weird to carry a BE with silver hardware if you mainly wear gold jewelry???:confused1:
  2. no, I think thats totally fine
  3. No, absolutely not!

    I prefer silver hardware and wear silver jewelry, but, my sunglasses have notable gold accents. I wanted silver accents but this style didn't come with silver accents. I used to wear a watch with mixed metals...stainless with yellow gold, which addressed this mixed metal concern nicely, although I no longer wear it.

    Wear what you want and enjoy!!!
  4. I'm a great one for mixing. The Europeans mix things up a lot too. I even mix silver and gold -- a silver Tiffany tank watch with black strap, with a gold Pomellato ring. Looks tres cool.
  5. I agree...mix away!
  6. I think it is fine to mix. I usually wear silver jewelry and right now I am carrying my LMM in chocolate with gold hardware. I think it is fine. I don't think the hardware on your bag has to match your other metals.
  7. Sometimes I think it looks weird if I'm wearing big, statement earrings and the bag I am carrying has lots of hardware, so the difference is obvious.
  8. I think it's fine! There's this bracelet on etsy I'm thinking of buying that is mixed: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=9799151

    I have different hardware bags although I usually lean towards silver since I'm cool toned and usually always wear silver jewelry.
  9. I think mixing is totally fine.
  10. Mixing metals is good! You don't want to look too...well, matched. (Remember when you had to have your handbag match your shoes?) ;)
  11. Whew! :sweatdrop: Thanks guys!:flowers:
  12. Think of the classic Rolex. Mixed metals. It's a good thing!