mixing MC white with damier...?

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  1. Have any of you ever used any white MC stuff with damier pieces like the speedies? My lining doesn't seem to bleed; I've rubbed it hard with a white towel and nothing noticeable came off. However, now that I'm thinking of getting a MC koala wallet to go with it :drool: i'm wondering if that's a bad idea, and eventually the lining will turn at least the corners of the MC koala pink....have any of you done this combo and experienced this...?
  2. Well..my mom has a Peppermint vernis PTI wallet and the corners of it are a brownish color from the red alcantara lined bags she has.
    I think the white mc should be ok with the Damier linings though since you've tried it and it doesn't rub off.
  3. I wouldn't do it, even though you tried rubbing...with daily use I do think the corners will stain...jmho.