mixing mascaras?

  1. Is it okay to use two different mascaras together? Today I used a lengthening mascara (L'extreme by Lancome, my favorite) but then I put a volumizing mascara on top and now my lashes look thick and long....

    What do you think? Or can the same be achieved with just one mascara?
  2. I mix mascaras as well, for the same reasons! I use one that curls as a base, and when it dries, I'll put on a volumizing one. I haven't found one mascara that does both adequate, so until then, I'm sticking with this.
  3. I used to use Benefit Bad gal mascara but in order for it to look right i had to do an under layer of a maybelline base coat mascara (one of theirs with the dual ends). It ended up being too much of a hassle for me to bring two mascaras everywhere I went, so I switched to Dior Show :smile:
  4. I do the same thing...a thickener and then a lengthener...don't you think they'd be able to to put them together into 1? Maybe it is a sales/marketing thing...why sell one mascara when you can sell two?!